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Outer Banks Kiting Lessons

Outer Banks Kiting lessons all utilize our custom 23′ LS-Carolina Skiff boat and Yamaha Wave Runners as chase crafts during your lesson. Ride to the best conditions.   Never a need to return to the site, we’ll have all of the kite gear and boards for your lesson with us.  Staying Soundfront?  We will come to you!  Then, have a dry, smooth ride home.

All lessons are half day or full day (to insure proper learning environment, no rushing!!!).  Allow more time for “camps”.

All lesson pricing is per person. To book a lesson, email us your dates, contact phone number, and the type of lessons you are requesting.

Refund Policy: 100% credit will be issued if weather/wind/storms do not allow us to complete the lesson. All credits must be used within 12 month period from date issued.

The wind and conditions change daily in the Outer Banks. We offer an extensive range of gear to suit the weather and a variety of ability levels and interests!
OBK continues to offer the latest in CORE and Duotone kites/boards, ocean and wave instruction, and of course freestyle sessions sound side! We also carry a hefty quiver of foils for surfing, stand up paddling, and kiteboarding. Check-out our lesson packages below and “OTHER SERVICES” for:
Wing Surfing
Kiteboarding Lessons

WATERMAN’ S OBK PACKAGE – (PRIVATE):  $1,500 (3  days)

This package is a 3-day exclusive camp-style approach. The ratio is 1 student to 1 coach, with a 4-student maximum.No matter the wind conditions you will enjoy all the activities OBK has to offer.  Over the course of 3 days, you can learn the skills of E-foiling (The newest sport to foiling).

In addition, OBK will teach you the skills to “Wing Boarding”.  You will fly a “Wing”, while riding a board across the Sound. The prefect light wind activity to keep you on the water.

Or as the wind builds, our team will get on the water and teach you the different levels of “Kite Boarding”. There nothing more then feeling the thrill of kiting the Outer Banks.

This camp can be set up privately, with a friend, or your family. All levels welcome, beginner through advanced.


The Kite Camp is a 3-day exclusive camp-style approach. The ratio is 2 students to 1 coach, with a 4-student maximum.

Building skills and time to practice is the best way to learn to kite board, including instruction over the course of 3 days (wind and weather permitting sometimes the days may not be consecutive and hours per day may change).

This multi-day option allows you to practice at your own pace with the guidance of our coaching team. This camp can be set up privately, with a friend, or your family. All levels welcome, beginner through advanced.

CUSTOM PRIVATE:  $500 (half day)
One-on-one coaching, the best way to learn, and our specialty.

From beginner lessons on how to fly a kite in shallow water, to advance maneuvers, with video analysis. This class allows ample enough time to ensure a great experience and a great learning curve!

CUSTOM PRIVATE:  $1,000 (full day)
Same lesson as above, with 1 hour lunch break between sessions included. Usually a catered lunch delivered before boat returns to the dock.  Enjoy a one-on-one all day, or bring a friend/family, your in charge!

WING LESSONS:  $500 (half day) or $1,000 (full day)
New gear (wings/foils/boards) arrived from CORE, Cloud 9, and Duotone! The OBK Team has the latest, most modern equipment necessary to make the learning experience way easier/faster! Check out this new crossover sport of foil and wing here with the new CORE wings/board/foils:

E-FOIL LESSONS: $500 (up to 2 persons), $1,000 (up to 4 persons)
Our experienced team will teach you how to fly the E-Foil. The E-Foil is an electric powered version of the HydroFoil. You can now fly anytime – no wind,  no strings attached!  The E-Foil is remote controlled, battery-powered HydroFoil that allows you to fly under any condition, no waves or towing required.

KITE CHARTERS:  $500 (half day), $1,000 (full day)
For intermediate and advanced riders only.  Whether you want to cruise the miles of wide open waters on a epic downwinder, dial in a new maneuver, jump down the coast, or ride with your crew, a kite charter is perfect!  Have the confidence and safety of a boat escort, and the convenience of everything you need close by.  Bring your snacks and beverages for the ride home!  Full day charters include catered lunches.

V.I.P. Sessions:  $2,500/year (6 half day; 3-hour sessions/year)
What is a V.I.P. Session?  If you know that you are coming for up to 6 Custom Private (half day; 3-hour) sessions/year, it is worth scheduling this new package!  Save $1,000/year on lessons!  It will include the following every session:  bring snacks/beverages on board, video analysis and recap, and priority when the wind is up (similar to a priority line at a ski resort).

NOTE: Lessons times to start bases on wind conditions

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