We provide the latest in technology from Core Kiteboards.  The new Core Kiteboards are amazing! These new kites are rock solid and offer safety improvements and ease of flying. This year we are pleased to feature the latest trend in kiteboarding – MHL “Lift” foilboards!

We highly recommend using our gear during lessons to ensure you get the most flying and riding time from your lesson. If you want to tune your new gear and use it during the lesson, no problem!  We will make sure that everything works!  The “Custom Private” lesson is the way to go.

Our Kiteboarding School uses the following gear:

CORE Kites (2017)
• FREE models (6m, 8m, 10m, and 12m)
• XR4/XR5 models (6m, 8m, 10m, and 12m)
• Xperience Trainer Kites (2.0m)

CORE Fusion 3 Twintips (125cm, 133cm, 139cm, 145cm, 152cm)

MHL Lift and Naish Hover Board Foils (4’9”/4’11”, 130cm/160cm boards; with all sizing in mast lengths)

Click on the Gallery below to view more Core kiteboards and gear.